The scale of content creation in IMVU

Second Life has a broad range of different virtual items available for residents. And in terms of overall quantities, has over 326,000 different items promoted on SL Exchange. Not bad.

But, if you think that’s impressive, take a look at IMVU…..

The graph below shows a break down of the 1.17 MILLION items available for avatar and room (basically the crux of the IMVU environment) customisation – a marketplace over 3.5 times larger than SL.

Almost half (48.9%) of items on IMVU are clothing related, compared to third (34.7%) in Second Life. Peeling back the layers in the clothing category, the graph below shows Female items – the dominant category.

And here’s the Male section. Differences between Male and Female items?

  • For Men there’s a higher proportion of accessories compared to Women
  • Women proportionately have more tops available
  • There’s more hairstyles available for Women than Men

Rooms and Furniture are also extremely popular in IMVU, with almost 200k items available. Most popular in terms of available items? Furniture.