The Second House of Sweden

The Second House of Sweden. Well, it took a while but now the Second Life Swedish Embassy has arrived. Hot on the heels of the VisitMaldives virtual tourism project, The Second House of Sweden becomes the second (literally) official embassy in SL. The main building is a replica of their real world headquarters.

When people think of Sweden, two things normally come to mind, Ikea and Abba. So, a virtual showcase to present Sweden is a great idea, as is virtual tourism marketing in general.

Demonstrating their committment to this project, the island was officially opened (and simulcasted) by Swedens Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. Commenting on the project, Olle Wstberg, general director of the Swedish Institute said:

Social media, such as Second Life, offer new opportunities for dialogue, spreading information and creating the conditions for us to reach the important early-adopters group in different parts of the world,

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The Second House of Sweden plans to offer visitor and tourist information as well as cultural insights. There’s currently a photographic exhibition with images of Sweden, an exhibit about the life of Raoul Wallenberg, arranged in cooperation with OSA Archivum, the Open Societys archives in Budapest and an art exhibit curated by the National Museum.

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