The voice of a Second Life resident

The voice of a Second Life resident: The media type and general discussion taking place about Second Life across websites continues to grow with various standpoints and perspectives being taken.

In part, this media coverage has actually assisted the penetration of SL with people keen to engage after having read about it. But, interestingly, the non-SL platform which has received less attention and awareness is blogging. Blogs and SL go hand-in-hand with thousands of SL residents maintaining presence via blogs to support their in-world activities. Take a look at this chart, showing blogposts containing the phrase “Second Life”

Posts that contain Second Life per day for the last 360 days.
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The first peak was December, a time of massive coverage and a fast influx of global brands in SL, categorised by some as the Peak of Inflating Expectations . But that’s not the point of this post.

I recently came across a really concise, honest and interesting blog article from a SL resident. The post is an open letter to marketers considering or already existing in SL. It powerfully defines the people inside the virtual world. And, in fact highlights the real value of the demographic and the opportunties presented to brand owners.

“..we’re doctors, nurses, pilots, soldiers, engineers, programmers, hairdressers, surgeons, grocers, taxi-drivers, pro-gamblers, ‘escorts’, company executives, and yes, even journalists and marketers in our daily lives”

Here is the post: Marketers take note

And for marketers wanting more strategic insight into marketing strategies in Second Life, here’s the Seven Points.

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