There goes CosmoGIRL

CosmoGIRL magazine, the teenage spin-off of Cosmopolitan has opened a themed village in There.

Rather than create a standalone virtual using the There platform, as virtual MTV has done, instead, CosmoGIRL village is integrated into the main There world.

Michael Wilson, CEO of Makena Technologies in a statement, is all about fashion, socialization and shared activities, which aligns perfectly with the main interests of CosmoGIRL!s readers

Brands placed already into There are achieving healthy levels of engagement with the residents and as MTV is showing, third-party placement is working as well.

Companies partnering with CosmoGirl in There are:

  • Dancing with the Stars
  • Paris Hilton’s Can Can Fragrance
  • New Line Home Entertainment’s “Hairspray”

Real world content owners (such as magazines) have healthy upsides when considering virtual worlds due to their existing readership bases. Creating branded virtual environments if done correctly helps hold the hands of consumers crossing over in-world.

But you also need to be mindful of managing the expectations and initial experiences of brand advocates entering these venues for the first time. CosmoGIRL has addressed this by creating an orientation area in the village.