TMP virtual recruitment expo

TMP virtual recruitment expo: I’m gonna call this Vecruitment. You heard it here first (especially with only 60 Google results for the search).
TMP Worldwide Advertising and Recruitment, or more specifically the recruitment division today launched a three day virtual recruitment expo in Second Life. Billed as the first ever virtual recruitment exhibition, the venue itself contains several real world companies with areas promoting their companies and encouraging in-world discussions about potential vacancies.

In support of this SL initiative is the website (and overall theme) ‘Network in World‘ explaining the in-world effort and facilitating registration prior to logging in.

Companies included are Verizon, eBay, HP, Microsoft, Sodexho and T-Mobile. HP eh, perhaps they’ve had a u-turn on metaverse platforms.

The resident profile of typical SL residents means this concept of using virtual worlds as a recruitment tool is not surprising.