Too Fast, Too Curious. Cars in Second Life part 1.

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Automobile marketers love Second Life. All those ripe early adopters, 3D models and test-drives. And savvy marketers are building communities as well.

Shown below is the timeline for real world car brands entering Second Life. It tells us that virtually all the mid to mid/upper-tier automobile companies have entered.

Does is tell us that there’s a me-too’ strategy in place here? Probably. Not all marketers in this category have been successful in the virtual space. On the other hand, brands like Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota and Pontiac have seen encouraging levels of traffic and community building.

And it’s not just Second Life getting the attention. We’re starting to see cars appearing in There, Whyville and XBox.

OK. Enough of the analysis. Here’s the roll-call of all the official cars in Second Life.