Twinity does time travel. A good use for mirror worlds.

Berlin-based virtual world Twinity has an interesting campaign going on at the moment. And, more importantly, is demonstrating a good use for mirror worlds -the ability to revisit events and places from the past.

Picture 1This is a concept KZero first presented and explained over two years ago as a good (read – build engagement) use for mirror worlds.

The concept of using mirror worlds for time travel is explained in this post as well as in a summary presentation delivered at Virtual Worlds London. Well done Twinity.

We see mirror worlds with the right positioning and activities as being a key driver for older user VW adoption. Here’s the slide from the 2008 conference referencing this…

They’ve re-constructed the Berlin Wall ala 1989 from the Reichstag to checkpoint Charlie in remembrance of the upcoming 20 year anniversary of it coming down. Here’s the video.

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