Twinity – What is it good for? Asks the Metaverse Journal

Australian-based virtual worlds news site The Metaverse Journal has taken a look at German-based virtual world Twinity and doesn’t really like what it sees….

Twinity ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú the virtual world that mashes up the real with the virtual world, proclaims their website. However, Twinity is no more of a mashup of the real and virtual worlds than any other virtual world. Its a world of real people meeting other real people, filled with real digital content, all set against a backdrop of digital representations of real places and places that could exist in real life. Whats new here, if anything, and where might Twinity fit in the greater scheme of things?

The article goes on to say…

Like many mashups, the main justification for their existence is convenience: bringing together multiple ideas, and associating them in a useful and time-saving manner. Twinity takes pre-existing concepts, makes a light, fluffy interface to access them, and uses what is currently a slow and buggy system to serve up the result. It doesnt sound too good so far, but to be fair the whole system is still in Beta. However, only the flakiness of the system looks set to change, as the feature-set does not seem to be destined to change radically.

I’d tend to agree with many of the points in the post. From a positioning perspective, Twinity feels too generic, and we already have a generic world (it’s called Second Life) and it works fine – but do we need another one? If Twinity is being set-up to create an alternative to SL then it needs to improve the basic controls and feature-sets required by SL users to facilitate content creation (amongstother things).

Also considering positioning is the fact that there’s many vertical worlds coming downstream, offering more relevant (to interests and/or genre) virtual experiences.

Twinity is currently in open-beta, scheduled for full launch later on this year.

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