Universe charts for Q1 2012

Earlier this week we published the first version of the KZero RPG Galaxy, a visualisation of companies and games in the MMORPG sector. These charts of course are based on the virtually world famous Universe charts and here are the Q1 2012 versions of the Universe.

This is the most comprehensive edition of the Universe chart we’ve ever produced with over 100 virtual worlds and KT&T MMOs shown. Quarter on quarter from Q4 2011 to Q1 2012 the overall total for cumulative registered accounts increased by 149m with the 15 – 25 year old showing the strongest growth. At the highest level the total market of cumulative registered accounts now stands at 1.921bn.

High res version of the chart are over on our Facebook page and the entire presentation can be ordered here. We’ll ping out a link to the Slideshare shortly. Here’s the overall breakdown:


And here’s the segment for virtual worlds with an average user age of 10 to 15.

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