Virtual world registered accounts reach 800m

For those of you not attending Engage Expo today, here’s a first look at our latest Q4 2009 virtual worlds research…… (we’ll be presenting this in the Virtual Worlds and Games by the Numbers: A look in the market research session).

At the end of Q4 2009, total registered accounts in the virtual worlds sector reached 803m. This is a 19.7% (132m) quarter on quarter increase, from 671m registered accounts in Q3. The table below breaks this out by average user age range.

Over the last four quarters on a registered accounts basis the market has almost doubled, going from 419m to 803m.

Looking at this growth by age range (the average user age), the 15 to 25 year old segment demonstrated the highest growth in Q4, representing a 65% increase from 117m to 193m. Strong performance from IMVU and Habbo drove this uplift.

Second highest growth came in the youngest age range (five to 10 year old) and as the just released Radar chart shows, this segment, in particular for virtual worlds catering to education and development is hotting up. Quarter on quarter growth in this segment was 27m, moving from 152m to 179m.

Our Universe and Radar charts have also been updated based on closing Q4 data. Here’s a post for the Universe and another for the Radar.

The full report covering growth in the virtual worlds sector can be ordered here.

Here’s (of course) a few of charts.

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