Virtual worlds case study round-up

It’s great to see some of the more traditional and longer established market research and consultancy agencies finally turn their attention to virtual worlds. Not so good to see elementary findings presented as headlines though. K Zero has been publishing virtual world case studies since 2006 at a level far deeper than anything else in the market.

Here’s a round-up of K Zero virtual world reports, available for free.

  • Seven Point Plan for Marketing in Virtual Worlds: the first ever strategic framework for brands wishing to move into Second Life and other virtual worlds
  • Five Rules of Virtual Brand Management: the first ever review and assessment of the options available to brand managers in virtual worlds
  • Luxury brands in virtual worlds
  • Automobile brands in virtual worlds
  • Technology brands in virtual worlds
  • Kids, Tweens and Teens worlds (KT&T) case study
  • Travel and Tourism brands in virtual worlds

Learn more and order them for free here.