Virtually trading. Saxo Bank.

Virtually trading. Saxo Bank. Danish online investment bank Saxo recently launched Saxo Bank Island in Second Life.

Over and above a primary strategy of creating a presence to position the bank inside the virtual economy, Saxo has created a trading application that teaches residents how to trade currencies. Further plans on this theme include in-world seminars for live trading stategies.

Stephan Martinussen, Saxo Bank Head of Product Development stated:

We didnt want to sit back and wait, we wanted to learn along with the rest of the virtual world of Second Life. Some people compare the early days of Second Life to the start of the Internet. I don’t know that I’d go that far, but I do think if we had waited to make the best of business opportunities on the Internet, then we wouldnt have gotten where we are today. When theres a new major trend online, we need to be part of it.”

Lunch is for wimps. Here’s the SLurl.

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