Vizwoz gets elevated by The Guardian

New UK-based virtual world Vizwoz has received the ‘Elevator Pitch’ treatment over on Jemina Kiss’ pda:the digitial content blog (The Guardian).

Founder of Vizwoz, Dan Laurence goes on to explain the Vizwoz offering, the business model and the membership targets and it all makes for interesting reading.

The company claims to have a unique system to address online safety (an issue covered by the Bryon report, referenced last week). Dan explains this aspect in the first question posed by Jemma – ‘Explain your business to my Mum':

“VizWoz is a stimulating, interesting and safe virtual world for kids and teenagers to explore, meet friends, make friends and hang out whilst stretching their imagination and creativity. VizWoz appeals to both boys and girls who log on, create their own character and move from room to room chatting, playing games and hanging out with friends for free. VizWoz caters for all tastes and interests in the teen sector including film, music, sport and fashion, is the first in online safety to have its very own police force ‘VizCops’, and is set to become the future of chat and gaming.”

Full article available here.

Vizwoz is featured in the K Zero Kids and Tweens virtual worldscase study.