VW User Profiles: Jumpstart

Whereas both Poptropica and Moshi Monsters have user age profiles peaked around specific ages ranges, the profile for Jumpstart, the educational world (in 3D using Unity) from Knowledge Adventure is somewhat different and shown below.

It’s more of a ridge than a peak, with ages five to nine well represented in the range of 13% to 11% of the total user base.

This spread of ages is explained by the feature-sets and positioning of the Jumpstart world, with different games and activities available in-world catering to different age groups.

So, rather than focusing in on a specific small age band, this approach of appealing to a wider spread results in resonance with a larger range. The cumulative user age is shown by age in the chart below.

Clearly Jumpstart has a younger user base than most other virtual worlds, with almost 50% of these users aged six and younger.

In fact, just over 80% are nine and younger.

Next up, Habbo, SmallWorlds and IMVU.

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