VW User Profiles: Moshi Monsters

Following on this series of looking at the age profiles of virtual worlds (first was Poptropica), now it’s Moshi Monsters.

Moshi is a London-based VW operating by Mind Candy. Grow-wise, 2009 was an excellent year, growing from 1m to 7m across two quarters. We expect Moshi to reach 10m users when we release our Q4 numbers in early 2010. They’re marked on the Universe chart as having an average user age of ten years old. The chart below shows the age profile.

moshi users 1It’s a near perfect curve with equal distribution of ages right from three to 18. Looking at the accounts on a cumulative basis…..

Almost 50% of the users are ten and under and 80% are 13 and under.

Switching to the user locations, the chart below shows the 7m accounts by top countries.

The UK just pinches first place from the US with 328% and y% respectively, meaning nearly two thirds of the users reside in these two countries. Australia comes in at third place, followed by New Zealand.

Next up, Jumpstart.

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