VW User Profiles: SmallWorlds

Launched in 2008, SmallWorlds currently has over 2m registered accounts and is the next in our series of looking at age profiles for virtual worlds targeting teens and older. Here’s the age profile:

smallworlds.020 The most popular user age in SmallWorlds is 14, accounting for 14% of the total. 15 and 19 years vie for second place, with early to mid 20’s also holding their own.

Again we have an interesting mini-peak at age 29. This mini-peak can also be seen in Miss Bimbo AND Club Cooee. Hmmm – interesting. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Here’s the cumulative chart for SmallWorlds.

Half of the users are aged 17 and under and 30% are aged 20 or older.

In terms of countries, this is shown in the next chart.

As observed, the US is the dominant driver of the users with over 60% of the total.

The rest of the countries, including the UK which is normally ‘up their’ in terms of users are in the noise.