Western Europe Second Life propensity

Western Europe Second Life propensity. In other words, which countries in Europe are more (or less) likely to be active users of Second Life compared to the others?

We know that Western Europe is leading the way in Second Life adoption and this trend is continuing on an active user and registered account basis. However, looking at these totals in isolation only tells part of the story because countries across Europe have different population sizes as well as broadband penetration. So, propensity index analysis is used to assess the active user %s against the overall broadbrand population %s in order to calculate a comparitive index score. Scores over one indicate that country has an above average propensity compared to others to use Second Life. The graph below shows the index scores.

Broadband consumers in The Netherlands are over three times more likely to be active residents in Second Life than the average Western European. This is in part due to cultural reasons as well as the high number of Dutch companies in or about to enter SL. Likewise, Belgians are over 2.5 times more likely. UK and Swiss consumers also score highly with indexes close to two.

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