World of Warcraft ups the anti with TV push

In a recent post about virtual world advertising, the use of PPC advertising by There and Kaneva was highlighted.

Also in this post was the explanation that pretty soon we would be seeing more mainstream media channels such as TV, print and radio being used to promote virtual worlds. Well, World of Warcraft has upped the anti with their latest advertising push with a campaign titled ‘What’s your game?’.

Here’s the first TV spot featuring none other than William Shatner.

And here’s the second one with Mr T.

This isn’t the first time World of Warcraft has used mainstream media to drive new subscriptions. Shown below is a spot used last year.

So what does this mean for virtual worlds such as Second Life, There or Kaneva? Will they use TV advertising to grow their resident numbers?

It’s more than likely we’ll see this happen in the next six months. Or, maybe it’s already happened.