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3 days ago

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SL interesting place no.10: Centre for Digital Media

SL INTERESTING PLACE NO.10: GNWC: To promote and tie-in with the Masters of Digital Media programme at the Great Northern Way Campus in Vancover, the Centre for Digital Media is a fine example of pushing the design boundaries within SL. It’s also a showcase for integrating real world educational programmes with a virtual platform.

The building, the Centre for Digital Media is a lavish (Scope Cleaver) production, with nautical elements.

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The technology adoption curve, part one

HUNTING THE INNOVATORS Pt1: The take-up (and penetration) of new services, products and technologies lies heavily in the hands of a consumer type called ‘Innovators‘. Innovators only represent 2.5% of any general population, but nevertheless, are a vital first link in the chain of adoption. The graph below shows the Rogers adoption curve, a bell curve that shows the five different consumer types.

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NBC experiments with Sunday Night football

NBC EXPERIMENTS WITH SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL: Following the last NBC event in SL (a Xmas tree lighting in a virtual Times Square), the next stop is Sunday Night football – another example of integrating two different media channels. NBC created a game for football fans to play.
The Xmas game between the Cowboys and the Eagles (that’s Dallas vs Philadelphia if you’re not in the States/familar with US football) was supported in-world with a ‘guess-the-play’ game with Linden $s as for grabs for the winners.

The event was hosted at the sports bar on the NBC island, Second City 3.

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26 Dec

Dad, do you mind if I force the sun?


DAD, DO YOU MIND IF I FORCE THE SUN? My middle son Max loves technology (just like his dad) and like a lot of six year olds these days finds technology pretty intuitive. Up to this morning, the highlight of his techno-voyage of discovery was him asking me what an incoming mail was. A proud, if possibly geeky moment. I was proud nevertheless – he’s the only kid in his class that can work a PC and a Mac.

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24 Dec

Blogging about SL on a blog reader in SL

BLOGGING ABOUT SL ON A BLOG READER IN SL: With the main build of K One, the K Zero Second Life office almost complete, it’s time to add the gadgets.

Here’s the latest creation. An in-world RSS-driven blog reader in the reception area of K One. Clicking a headline pulls up a link to read the full story on the K Zero blog.

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22 Dec

SL major brands no.15: BMW


SL MAJOR BRANDS NO. 5. BMW. Quietly opening up their island, BMW stepped into Second Life with the BMW New World – Home of BMW CleanEnergy. The carmaker has decided to use SL initially to demonstrate their Hydrgen 7 and H2R vehicles that run on clean emissions. Here’s one of them.

The BMW venue in SL appears to be in collaboration with PA Consulting, judging by the landmark link and PA has made it clear that they’re seeking partner alliances. [Update Feb 9, PA Consulting did not actually do this build]. Continue reading →

19 Dec

SL major brands no.14: ABN AMRO


SL MAJOR BRANDS NO. 14: ABN AMRO. Dutch financial services company ABN AMRO (20th largest in the world) has now opened their SL island (well actually, they’ve bought a number of islands, 25 sims in total). The bank plans to eventually offer financial advice to SL residents and it is believed that they will also offer housing on their islands.
The main development is quite a complex affair, slightly James Bond like.

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13 Dec

One Manchester prepares for Second Life launch


ONE MANCHESTER PREPARES FOR SECOND LIFE LAUNCH: It would seem as though One Manchester, the venture set-up by Manchester City Council, Tameside MBC and the Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) is preparing to launch onto a private island in Second Life.

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13 Dec

Vodafone preparing for SL launch


VODAFONE PREPARING FOR SL LAUNCH: In the coming weeks. Vodafone will be integrating their “Make the most of now” campaign into Second Life.

Vodafone will not be the first Telecoms company entering SL, as this prize went to Telus. However, David Erixon, Brand Strategy and Manifestation Director at Vodafone Global Marketing was quoted as saying that Vodafone will give residents “new inspiring ways to communicate”. Furthermore, he’s on record as saying “We can see how quickly the virtual world becomes a new way for brands wishing to connect more closely with customers whenever and where ever they choose to be.” Continue reading →

13 Dec

Philips to enter SL


PHILIPS TO ENTER SL: Philips Design will shortly be entering Second Life. They plan to use their presence to test new concepts and establish a platform to gain feedback on these ideas. Here’s the link to the Philips website and press release.

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