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3 days ago

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Brand map of Second Life, updated

Brand map of Second Life, updated. This is version 1.2 which includes Comcast, AOL, ING, MTV and others.


The voice of a Second Life resident

The voice of a Second Life resident: The media type and general discussion taking place about Second Life across websites continues to grow with various standpoints and perspectives being taken.

In part, this media coverage has actually assisted the penetration of SL with people keen to engage after having read about it. But, interestingly, the non-SL platform which has received less attention and awareness is blogging. Blogs and SL go hand-in-hand with thousands of SL residents maintaining presence via blogs to support their in-world activities. Take a look at this chart, showing blogposts containing the phrase “Second Life”

Posts that contain Second Life per day for the last 360 days.
Technorati Chart
Get your own chart!

The first peak was December, a time of massive coverage and a fast influx of global brands in SL, categorised by some as the Peak of Inflating Expectations . But that’s not the point of this post.

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Brand map of Second Life

Brand map of Second Life: Teleporting around Second Life is a little like being driven around in a taxi – your eyes are open but you’re not really paying attention to landmarks and locations. With the rush of companies coming into SL now, I thought it would be useful to create a map of major brands in Second Life.

This is the first cut of the map – much more to follow.

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19 Mar

SL major brands no.23: The Weather Channel


SL major brands no.23: The Weather Channel. It never rains, it pours. Us Brits love talking about the weather, so following on the heels of the NOAA Second Life venue, we have another interactive atmospheric demonstration, this time from the Weather Channel.

The theme of the island is ‘epic conditions’ and these include biking, skiing and surfing, or to be slightly more grand, Moab desert biking, Extreme skiiing and Big wave surfing.

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18 Mar

SL interesting places no 13: Ajax Stadium


SL interesting places no 13: Ajax Stadium. First there was the Yankee Stadium and virtual Amsterdam and now we have the Ajax Stadium. For the non-European non-techical readers, no this isn’t a shrine devoted to Asynchronous JavaScript and XML – sorry.

Instead, it’s the new virtual home to Ajax football club (spotted first by AK over on the Rambling in Second Life blog). The first football club in Second Life.
A lot of companies and organisations are starting to appreciate the collaborative nature of metaverses such as Second Life. Continue reading →

18 Mar

SL major brands no.22: Unitrin Direct


SL major brands no.22: Unitrin. Unitrin Direct has become the first auto insurance company to own a virtual office building in Second Life.
Interestingly, Unitrin Direct chose to locate not on their own island, but instead on the mainland in Burns. This decision was probably made to get ‘closer’ to SL residents, rather than for budgetary reasons.

The main feature of the venue is obviously the building, modelled on the Unitrin Tower in Chicago.

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18 Mar

SL interesting places no.12: NOAA


SL interesting places no.12: NOAA. Using Second Life for education purposes is a hot topic at the moment. SL has many attributes that make the process of learning a far more interactive experience than say looking at a website. NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and their SL venue is a great place to learn more about what they do.

The island has several zones each with a theme. Continue reading →

18 Mar

SL major brands no.21: H&R Block


SL major brands no.21: H&R Block. Aka, Death and taxes (or maybe just taxes) in Second Life. Aka2, Tax doesn’t need to be taxing. US-based tax-solutions company H&R Block recently launched into SL.

It’s easy to focus on consumer brands when considering the possibilities available within SL, but it’s the application of B2B and Professional Services organisation offerings which shows the many uses of a metaverse environment. The main H&R Block product suite is online tax calculation and it is this concept which the company aims to integrate into SL (anything to make this process easier would be nice). And, the even plan to have tax advisors available in-world on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Taken from the H&R Block press release: Continue reading →

14 Mar

SL major brands no.20: Thompson NETg


SL major brands no.20: Thompson NETg – is a company that offers corporate learning solutions, basically providing education and training in e-related subject areas. They’ve taken a campus approach to their SL venue and in principle it makes a lot of sense for a company offering tech solutions to be here. The island has labs, classrooms and other areas designed to facilitate shared learning experiences.

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SL major brands no.19: Pontiac

SL major brands no.19: Pontiac. In terms of supporting an ongoing presence in Second Life, Pontiac is up there. Not content with simply having an island in SL, they regularly ‘stoke the fire‘ in terms of encouraging repeat visitors to their virtual set-up. It’s a great example of deploying and leveraging a brand within a dynamic channel and attempting to develop advocate communities.

The underlying concept and theme driving the Pontiac SL venue is called Motorati. Here’s the Motorati website. Pontiac focuses on two main ideas in SL. Firstly, customisation – allowing residents to take the standard Pontiac cars and make them their own. Secondly, competition and as an output of this idea, community building – this is achieved via race meetings. So, as you’d exepct, a lot of the venue consists of raods and racetracks.

Second Life is a fantastic platform and marketing channel for automobile brands.

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