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3 days ago

RT @WEARVR: We're giving away an @oculus Rift or a @htcvive! Your choice if you win, by identifying these awesome #VR games!

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Two new Playstation videos: Home and Life

Here’s Life, a seemingly Google Earth type geotagging application.

And the latest Home walkthrough (it’s going to launch any year now).

LEGO uses UGC for new Universe logo

LEGOuniverse isscheduledfor release sometime late 2009 but planning for the upcoming MMOG (Lego’s positioning, rather than a virtual world) appears well thought-out and geared well towards raising awareness.

The supporting website has been in place for a while now, quietly gathering interest in the beta via the newsletter. Now LEGO has unveiled the new logo for Universe, created by the design team but during the development process LEGO reached out to LEGO fans asking for their own creations (read more about LEGO UGC here). Here’s some user submissions.

Having a history in brand development, this is particularly interesting to me and also demonstrates a structured andcommittedway of launching a virtual world leveraging heavily real world brand values. Here’s the new LEGOuniverse logo.

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. No trademark infringement intended.

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Virtual world feature-sets and positioning: new report coming soon

A new K Zero report will be available shortly. Covering existing virtual worlds and those in development, this report will explain and assess:

  • Full feature-sets and functionality
  • Target market assessment and size
  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • Marketing, advertising and acquisition strategies
  • Population/resident analysis
  • Business model evaluation, roadmap and growth assessment

This report is ideal for:

  • Companies considering entrance into the virtual worlds space
  • Companies developing a virtual worlds business model
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TheVirtual world feature-sets and positioning report will be available in approx. two weeks and will be limited to 100 distributed copies only. Pre-register for this report by emailing

Twinity – What is it good for? Asks the Metaverse Journal

Australian-based virtual worlds news site The Metaverse Journal has taken a look at German-based virtual world Twinity and doesn’t really like what it sees….

Twinity ?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú the virtual world that mashes up the real with the virtual world, proclaims their website. However, Twinity is no more of a mashup of the real and virtual worlds than any other virtual world. Its a world of real people meeting other real people, filled with real digital content, all set against a backdrop of digital representations of real places and places that could exist in real life. Whats new here, if anything, and where might Twinity fit in the greater scheme of things?

The article goes on to say… Continue reading →

HD Vision Glasses, now just $19.95

If only!

But hey, they’ve got a Euro style design. Which is nice.

Augmented reality and dynamic contextualisation

Sling that puppy out at a dinner party, i dare you.

Folks from the Departments of Advertising and Computer Science at Michigan State University have recently published a relating to augmented reality (learn about the METLAB). The paper titled ‘Increasing Sales in Supermarkets via Real-Time Information’ explains a leading-edge idea conceptualised by Wei Zhu, Charles Owen, Hairong Li and Joo-Hyun Lee, called the PromoPad.

Here’s an extract.

Augmented reality technologies as a new way of human computer interaction make possible real-time modification of our perception of reality without active user interference. This paper introduces the prototype of an augmented reality shopping assistant device, the PromoPad, based on a hand-held Tablet PC allowing see-through vision with augmentations. While this new interaction utilizing augmented reality that places products into contextual settings can enhance shopping experience and suggest complementary products, it also has challenges and issues to be used in a public environment such as a store setting. This paper discusses the design and implementation of the PromoPad, and addresses the issues and possible solutions. The concept of dynamic contextualization is further investigated in this setting with a list of possible context modifications and their relation to advertising and the psychology of consumer purchasing.

So, put simply, this is a handheld device designed to assist consumers when they’re shopping by creating virtual objects overlaid, beside or instead of real-world objects.

Continue reading →

Geotagging the real-world

As seen on Google Maps…..augmented reality?

Sims 2 Ikea video

Some background info on this campaign here.

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For investors and VC’s

Sims 2 H&M Fashion Runway trailer

This is a video from a recent virtual fashion campaign in Sims 2, as explained in the previous post.

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For virtual world owners

For investors and VC’s

H&M brings a metabrand to life


Fashion retail company H&M has brought virtual clothing in the real-world via a campaign deployed into The Sims 2. This metabrand move was prompted by The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Runway competition conducted over the summer of 2007.

The winner of the competition had their virtual clothing manufactured into a real-life version – congratulations toBeau Fornillos, a 21-year-old American interior design student (read more here).

Consider this UGC on steriods and a sure-fire early sign of a massive growth area in virtual worlds and online activity in general.

Where do we go from here? Maybe eventually to a place where designers like this actual see royalties or commissions made from real-life sales.

All you need now is some nice Ikea furniture.

K Zero services

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For virtual world owners

For investors and VC’s

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