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3 days ago

RT @WEARVR: We're giving away an @oculus Rift or a @htcvive! Your choice if you win, by identifying these awesome #VR games!

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Slideshare presentation: Virtual Reality Games by Genre

In support of the recent article publishing our Q3 update of Virtual Reality Games by Genre, here’s the accompanying Slideshare presentation. Included in this update are Samsung Gear VR games along with Oculus Rift, Durovis Dive and Project Morpheus.

The full version of the VR Software Radar chart can be ordered for free here.


Further information:

Virtual Reality Games by Genre – the Q3 KZero VR Software Radar

The KZero VR Software Radar tracks games, apps and other virtual reality experiences by genre and we’ve just updated it with Q3 2014 data.

Explaining the VR Software Radar Chart

The Radar visualises these games (and non-gaming apps) according to:

  • Genre: We’ve segmented the titles into twelve different genres, from First Person Shooters and Exploration through to Social Virtual Reality, Puzzle and Platformer. Each of the four segments contain three different genres. We realise that there’s some overlap between genres for some of these games but have placed them to represent a core game mechanic.
  • Launch stage: Broadly split into Released/Open Beta (red dots) or Alpha/Pre-Alpha (orange dots).
  • Average Player/User Age. Similar to our Universe chart, we’ve attempted to assigned each game according to the forecasted average player age that the game is aimed at. Of course, we know that at present the ownership base of DK2’s and Durovis Dive’s is predominantly adult, due to the development stage of the market but nevertheless, the game mechanics and style of game-play have been assessed and the games placed accordingly.

The vast majority of these games are currently built for the Oculus Rift, but we’ve also included planned upcoming games for the Sony Morpheus HMD and Samsung Gear VR as well as some Durovis Dive games. Continue reading →

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