The KZero Universe Chart – Q2 2014 Update

Showing cumulative registered accounts, average user ages and launch dates, the KZero Universe chart is used throughout the Virtual World and MMO sector to visualise the market. We’re pleased to announce an updated version of the Universe chart based on brand-new Q2 2014 data. The segment below shows VWs/MMOs with an average user age between 10 and 15 years old.

kzero universe q2 2014 seg2

The larger the circle, the larger the virtual world from a cumulative registered account perspective – simples!

At the younger end of this age range, Poptropica leads the way in terms of registered accounts reaching 313m in Q2. Poptropica has an average user age just over 10, as does Moshi Monsters coming in at 90m cumulative registered accounts.

Moving slightly older into the tween age range, Moviestar Planet is demonstrating explosive growth, doubling in size in the last 12 months and hitting the scales with 182m cumulative registered. An aggressive localisation strategy has assisted greatly in their growth with languages such as Polish, Turkish, French, German and Spanish now catered for.

Strong in terms of both user numbers and monetisation rates, Minecraft now has over 110m registered accounts. Another UGC-based virtual world, Roblox, comes in at approx. a third of the size of Minecraft.

The KZero Universe chart shows active virtual worlds and MMOs. For a sneaky peak at new IPs in development (as well as VWs no longer operational) head-over to the KZero Radar chart, here.

A high-res version of the KZero Universe chart with all segments can be ordered here.