Virtual Worlds and MMOs by Genre – The Q2 2014 Radar Chart

The KZero Radar chart visualises virtual worlds and MMOs by genre, average user age and operational status. The latest update showing Q2 2014 data is now available and a high-res version can be ordered here.

A ‘slice’ of the Radar is shown below, containing three of the 12 genres by which we segment the market. This slice shows virtual worlds and MMOs classified by Content Creation / User Generated Content, existing IP’s / brands and Sports.

Two of the genres shown, namely Content Creation and Existing IP’s are at the upper-end of monetization from a conversion rate perspective and enjoy above average ARPPUs compared to other genres. Sports virtual worlds don’t perform particularly well for these metrics as this genre is better-served by consoles.

kzero radar chart q2 2014 seg4

Upcoming new entrants in development/closed beta (indicated as green circles) include High Fidelity (from the creator of Second Life), Lego Minifigures Online, Landmark (from Sony) and Transformers Universe (from Hasbro/Jagex).

The 12 genres used in the Radar Charts are as follows: Content Creation/UGC, Existing IP’s, Sports, Socialising/Open Worlds, Casual Gaming, Mirror Worlds, Questing/Fantasy, Toys/Games, Music, Fashion/Lifestyle, Education/Development and the good ‘ol Misc.

Associated with the Radar is our equally well-known market visualisation known as the Universe chart. The Universe chart shows virtual worlds and MMOs by size (cumulative registered accounts), average user age and launch date. The latest version of the Universe chart has just been released and is available here.

We’ve also taken the Virtual World Radar and aligned it with the emerging market for Virtual Reality games and experiences. An updated Q2 2014 VR Radar is coming shortly.