Virtual Reality Games by Genre – the Q3 KZero VR Software Radar

The KZero VR Software Radar tracks games, apps and other virtual reality experiences by genre and we’ve just updated it with Q3 2014 data.

Explaining the VR Software Radar Chart

The Radar visualises these games (and non-gaming apps) according to:

  • Genre: We’ve segmented the titles into twelve different genres, from First Person Shooters and Exploration through to Social Virtual Reality, Puzzle and Platformer. Each of the four segments contain three different genres. We realise that there’s some overlap between genres for some of these games but have placed them to represent a core game mechanic.
  • Launch stage: Broadly split into Released/Open Beta (red dots) or Alpha/Pre-Alpha (orange dots).
  • Average Player/User Age. Similar to our Universe chart, we’ve attempted to assigned each game according to the forecasted average player age that the game is aimed at. Of course, we know that at present the ownership base of DK2’s and Durovis Dive’s is predominantly adult, due to the development stage of the market but nevertheless, the game mechanics and style of game-play have been assessed and the games placed accordingly.

The vast majority of these games are currently built for the Oculus Rift, but we’ve also included planned upcoming games for the Sony Morpheus HMD and Samsung Gear VR as well as some Durovis Dive games.

Three Key Gaming Genres

Shown below is the segment of the VR Radar chart containing RPG, FPS and Exploration Games.

kzero vr radar q3 2014 seg4

The RPG slice is quite heavily driven by Horror games – a particularly popular game genre that’s highly suitable for VR.

Other games of note currently in development in the RPG category include Loading Human, Wander, Pollen and The Assembly. Another new addition in this category is Smash Hit Plunder, currently being developed for the Samsung Gear VR.

Within the FPS category, upcoming games include Project Torus (recently funded on Kickstarter) and Superhot (a new take on the bullet-time effect).

The Simulation/Exploration category is probably one of the broadest genre-wise and includes virtual worlds and games based on virtual places large and small. This category also has some crossover with RPG. Games in development to look out for include Kona (approaching their Kickstarter deadline), Proteus (a visual and audio exploration game) and No Man’s Sky (A science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated universe). Also included is Perfect Beach, an upcoming experience for the Samsung Gear VR.

The full version of the VR Software Radar chart can be ordered for free here and because we’ve nice like that, it’s also on Slideshare. Due to the fast-moving nature of this market, we’ll be updating the Radar on a frequent basis as new games get announced and released. We also know this is be no means an exhaustive list of VR games.

The Future of VR Games

With the current state of the VR market being what it is (largely open-source and embryonic), the great thing about the games being developed is that the creators range from one-man bands and groups of enthusiasts through to small game studios and AAA developers.

Who will succeed in this market? Sure, larger game studios have marketing muscle and publisher relationships to support them but the developers that will profit most in the emerging market of consumer VR games will be the ones that create games ‘fit for purpose’ i.e. they leverage the core attributes of virtual reality and place gamers inside environments that feel both natural to interact with and have game mechanics that are enhanced by VR. This is a market wide-open for all sizes and types of game developers.

Many of the existing Oculus Rift games and demos can be downloaded from the WeArVR website.

Other KZero Insight

We’ve recently updated our ‘sister’ VR radar for the hardware market (that looks at head-mounted displays and VR peripherals) as well as our consumer VR revenue and user forecasts as part of our overall market sizing.

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