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Introducing…….Sticky Light

Okidoki. Here’s something a little different. ‘Sticky Light’ is a project out of the Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory by Alvaro Cassinelli, Kuribara Yusaku and Stephane Perrin. Like the best types of new technology, seeing it explains it a lot better than writing about it. All I’m going to say is that it’s a 3D tracking technology using a non-imaging photodetector, a laser diode and a pair of steering mirrors. That explains it then! If it doesn’t, just click play below.

Via Today and Tomorrow

21 Aug

At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry

Via Wired.

Bruce Sterling delivers a passionate (non-powerpoint) presentation explaining what makes him excited about Augmented Reality. I’m inclined to agree.

Video: Bruce Sterling’s Keynote – At the Dawn of the Augmented Reality Industry from Maarten Lens-FitzGerald on Vimeo.

Street-based and markerless

It’s a demo designed to visualise how markerless AR overlays meaningful information into personal surroundings, created by Timo Arnall.

Map/Territory from timo on Vimeo.

Levelhead – Spacial Memory Game (AR demo)

Kinda like Rubik’s Cube 2.0. This is ‘Levelhead‘, created by Julian Oliver.

levelHead v1.0, 3 cube speed-run (spoiler!) from Julian Oliver on Vimeo.

Linking Socnets with facial recognition

This is a great example of first stage AR by Swedish company TAT (these guys might need to change their name for the UK market), utilising already-existing socnet data (our business our personal lives managed online), with facial regcognition. The result – a great demo for AR. This is one of the great things about AR – it’s visual and easily understood. Kinda makes you wonder why people are getting so excited about markers….

Virtual World Accounts Q2 2009: 10 to 15

This is the busiest segment of the overall virtual worlds space. Here’s the Universe chart for virtual worlds with average ages between 10 and 15.

See all the age ranges and virtual worlds here.

Food for Thought: AR demo hits the shelves

Here’s a simple yet effective demo relating to obtaining information about food products when you’re shopping. Called Foodtracer, it’s a final year MA project by Guiseppe Constanza from Central St. Martins college. Nice work Guiseppe!

Related: Dynamic Contextualisation

FoodTracer from gusepo on Vimeo.

FoodTracer demo from gusepo on Vimeo.

New movies and avatar interaction

There’s a couple of new movies on the scene with interesting concepts relating to avatars. The first is Gamer, based on a futuristic game show allowing people to control others. The second is Surrogates, where humans live in isolation and remotely control robot versions of themselves. It’s not a rosey view of the future but nevertheless both are interesting takes on avatar and human interaction. Here’s the trailers:

Proving the Point (Cloud mapping with Earthmine)

An interesting video of ‘Stereo’ image capture and point-cloud mapping from Earthmine. Looking it this another way, it’s an alternative solution for Mirror Worlds.

Mobile AR GPS system

The type of demo shown in the video below from Occipital is a great early example of augmented reality without markers. Kinda makes you start to think that hardware will become less and less important in the not so distant future.

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