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18 hours ago

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YouTube,Machinima and the Content Creation Revolution

I’ve been following this trend for a while now and have decided it’s finally time to bash out a post – it’s about the amazing popularity of gamers posting videos about gaming. In some cases it’s a video about their own gameplay (solo or multiplayer) and in other instances it’s round-ups of other peoples play.

Take a look at the iPad screenshots below taken from the YouTube app (UK-centric). The first screenshot shows the Most Viewed videos this week. Take a look at the Minecraft videos. 1.1m and 831k views. I bet you didn’t realise the nuclear-powered diamond factories could be so popular. Battlefield 3 is a FPS (first person shooter) not actually released until later this month. It has 1.6m combined views. Rage is another FPS and has 858k views.



The second screenshot shows the Top Rated videos this week. Minecraft features again as does Battlefield 3. Call of Duty: Black Ops makes an entrance into the top rates videos as well. Continue reading →

30 Jan

Educational worlds in the Radar

Here’s some videos of some of the virtual worlds shown in the latest Radar chart.

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Music videos in virtual worlds

You know you have a really engaging virtual world when users start creating content within it – if it’s allowed that is. Obviously for K&T VW’s giving users the ability to create content can lead to moderation (etc) issues, but for older teen worlds it’s a great idea. It’s also a as IMVU’s recent performance clearly demonstrates.

On that note, here’s a selection of machinima showing users re-creating music videos inside virtual worlds. Hat’s off to these guys as it’s a time-consuming exercise but perhaps these types of environments are breeding grounds for the movie directors of tomorrow.

Furthermore, we’re now seeing an emerging trend of real world artists using virtual environments as creative platforms.

Also expect to see a greater degree of involvement between artists and fans in the future. Sure, following someone on Facebook on Twitter provides a tertiary level of engagement but understanding and then leveraging these relations from virtual worlds brings both stakeholders much closer together.

Our case study, The Five Rules of Virtual Brand Management provides a strategic framework for real world brands and entities to maximise these opportunities.

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Another AR app: Olympus

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AR + VW = Latest Adidas campaign

As our augmented reality brand tracking shows, Adidas has been an early adoper of marker-based initiatives. There first foray into this field was early 2008 with a simple shoe rendering app, shown below (bottom of the article). This was followed-up with their ‘Every team needs a spark’ campaign earlier this year (video also below).

adidas-augmented-realityThis time around they’ve juiced up the creativity a little and laid out a virtual world, activated by a marker on the sneaker tongues of a new line of shoes launched this February.

From Wired:

“The foundation of augmented reality lies in adding a layer to the real world,” says Chris Barbour, head of digital marketing for Adidas Originals. “That’s what we have done. We have taken a real world item and added a fantastic virtual world on top of that”

All users have to do is go to the Adidas site and hold up their sneaker, which has a code embedded in its tongue, in front of their computer webcam. A virtual world then pops out in front of them and they can navigate it using their sneaker as a controller.

“We are not trying to mimic a real-world look, we have a more stylized, pop-up book creative approach,” says Barbour. “The neighborhood is displayed on a two dimensional computer screen, but you can use your shoe to control the angle and depth of view and zoom in and out, giving a 3-D sense of perspective.” Continue reading →

Automobiles and Augmented Reality. Too fast too curious?

Car makers have led the way in terms of adopting new marketing channels. First came virtual worlds (with both official and unofficial cars mainly in Second Life) and now it’s the turn of augmented reality and some have been doing it for a little while. Here’s a video round-up to complement the Brand Tracking.

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27 Nov

Little World Gifts – virtual goods on the iPhone

little world gifts1Here’s an interesting concept from UK-based Little World Gifts. The company is developing a range of virtual goods available for gifting to others.

The virtual goods are all 3D and allow the recipients to interact with them. The iPhone app is being released this month (ready for Xmas) and will also have Facebook integration, tapping into the $40m virtual gifting revenue stream.

Here’s the video:

Little World Gifts – Demo from Katie Lips on Vimeo.

Via Techcrunch Europe: Continue reading →

Fox News report on virtual worlds

Sharon Duke Estroff (the Undercover Mom) goes into kids and tween virtual worlds to figure out how users are treated, both from other kids as well as the companies themselves.

So far she’s ‘gone undercover’ into Barbie Girls, Poptropica, Stardoll and Club Penguin. I was asked in to be part of the report in order to balance the story. (that Universe chart gets everywhere).

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More marker-based AR: UE(AR)FA Champions League


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26 Aug

“Second Skin” release looks into the lives of gamers

Videos / Machinima

Second Skin, “the first feature length documentary about virtual worlds and gamers who live in them” was released yesterday on DVD. The documentary, directed by Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza, reveals to viewers the phenomenon of MMOGs and how users interact simultaneously in virtual worlds and the 3D space.

Taken from the film’s synopsis, “Second Skin takes an intimate look at three sets of computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by online virtual worlds.”

See the video clip below (courtesy of Liberation Entertainment and Pure West) that shows how real-life relationships bloom through the lives of gamers and users of virtual worlds, and also how many users become addicted to these in MMOGs.

Learn more about the documentary and read the reviews here.

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