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2 weeks ago

RT @WEARVR: We’ve just reached 1.6m downloads of virtual reality games and experiences on WEARVR!

Crossing the Chasm – Virtual Reality Launch Strategies for Mass Adoption

This is an article about the First Time User Experience (FTUE) for virtual reality headset users, managing the expectation levels of these users and ultimately how companies developing virtual reality headsets and platforms need to carefully plan for mass consumer adoption in order to get it right first time. The State of the Market The

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The BBC Virtual Newsroom

The BBC Future Media division has just released a great example of a Mirror World in VR. The BBC Virtual Newsroom transports Oculus Rift owners into the news department of the BBC. This is a passive experience, meaning you can’t navigate around the various parts of the studio or broadcasting units, but instead you have

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Virtual Reality Game Videos: MMORPG Genre

The MMO market is already massive across all age ranges, from the KT&T (Kids, Tweens and Teen) segment right through to older gamers. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (i.e. MMORPG) styled virtual worlds is a category we expect to thrive in virtual reality not only because of the engagement related to exploration and questing

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Slideshare presentation: KZero VR Hardware Radar Q2 2014

June 17, 2014
Virtual Reality

This week we released our first version of the Virtual Reality Hardware Radar. The Hardware Radar shows companies developing headsets, controllers and other input devices for the growing Virtual Reality market. Here’s a Slideshare presentation containing each Radar element as well as product imagery. The full report (with high-res imagery) can be ordered here. Virtual

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Virtual Reality Game Videos: Flying Genre

Flying like a bird, Superman or piloting a plane. That’s what we mean by flying in virtual reality, the second genre being covered in this series showing gameplay videos (the first article covered the Space genre). Before we get to being pilots, here’s some examples of virtual reality allowing the impossible (free flight) and the

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Virtual Reality Game Videos: Space Genre

Our VR Radar charts (Q2 2014 updated released last week) identify 12 key genres for released and upcoming virtual reality games and experiences.  For each title we place them into our radar format by the forecasted average age of the player or the target audience it’s aimed at. If you haven’t got an Oculus Rift

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Hardware Radar for Virtual Reality: Q2 2014

Last week we released the Q2 2014 update of the VR Radar map showing games, apps and experiences for consumer virtual reality. This week it’s the turn of hardware and this element of the market is demonstrating as much growth as the software side. From a funding perspective, the VR hardware market has to a

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Slideshare presentation: KZero Universe chart Q2 2014

Last week we published the Q2 2014 update of the KZero Universe chart. You can read the supporting article here and order the full (and free) high-res version here. As we tend to do, there’s also a version on Slideshare, which can be viewed below. Kzero Universe Q2 2014 from KZero Worldswide Further information: Order

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The Evolution of Virtual Worlds, Part Four. Branded Virtual Reality

This is the fourth article in our series exploring the evolution of virtual worlds. The first post laid out the foundations of popular virtual worlds moving from 2.5D into 3D environments, what we call VW1.0 and 2.0. Part two explores a key growth area for the virtual worlds sector away from the gaming genre – Social

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Fairy Forest Goes Totally Off the Rails

Produced in conjunction with Dubit, our Oculus Rift demo Fairy Forest has just had a major upgrade. The first version took a guided tour through the forest on rails – in other words the user experience and journey was pre-determined and took a pre-defined route. Now we’re off the rails, meaning players can freely roam through

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