Virtual Reality Game Videos: MMORPG Genre

The MMO market is already massive across all age ranges, from the KT&T (Kids, Tweens and Teen) segment right through to older gamers. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (i.e. MMORPG) styled virtual worlds is a category we expect to thrive in virtual reality not only because of the engagement related to exploration and questing game mechanics but also the (for lack of a better phrase) ‘utter coolness’ of seeing other people interact in real-time in a shared virtual environment – it’s an incredible experience.

In terms of MMO’s available in VR (dare we call this the MMOVR sector?) we’re at an early stage but it’s very promising nevertheless as game developers are realising this is a key category for future growth, as well as one with a great ability to monetise users. Shown below is the KZero VR Radar for games in this category.

kzero vr radar q2 2014 seg14With VR games still at a demo and/or early development stage, we’ve placed the MMO-style games between the RPG and Exploration categories because the multi-player element will happen over time as the ownership-base of VR headsets expands. So at present these are more solo RPG experiences that will evolve into more multi-player games.

At the younger end of the scale, the Fairy Forest demo shows how a kids/tween MMO could look.

Moving into the older age ranges, here’s some exciting games in development creating immersive exploratory environments in VR.