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18 hours ago

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Virtual World/MMO Radar Chart: Slideshare presentation

This week we published the Q2 updated version of the KZero Virtual World/MMO Radar chart. This chart (and segments) shows live, in-development and closed VWs/MMOs and importantly, displays them by genre. This post gives some background to the genres as well as insight into UGC and Existing IP based games and worlds. A full high-res

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The Virtual Reality Radar Chart – VRery Scary Horror Games

Yesterday we released our updated version of the KZero Virtual Reality Radar chart, showing live and in-development games and experiences for the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and the Durovis Dive. In this post we’re being brave and diving into the VRery Scary’ Horror genre. The chart below shows the segment of the KZero VR Radar

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17 Companies Are Now Developing Virtual Reality Headsets

June 11, 2014
Virtual Reality

Following the release of our Virtual and Augmented Reality Device Spectrum map a couple of weeks ago two additional companies have entered the market. The first one, cMoar is demonstrating at E3 this week and will shortly be announcing a Kickstarter campaign. The second, Altergaze is slightly more advanced from a development perspective, utilises 3D

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12 Key Genres for Virtual Reality – the KZero VR Radar Chart

The KZero VR Radar chart shows 12 key segments for consumer virtual reality games, demos and experiences. We first published the VR Radar back in January, with another update in March. Following announcements in recent weeks (as well as at E3 this week) we’ve updated the chart to include new titles and upcoming games. Busy

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Virtual Worlds and MMOs by Genre – The Q2 2014 Radar Chart

The KZero Radar chart visualises virtual worlds and MMOs by genre, average user age and operational status. The latest update showing Q2 2014 data is now available and a high-res version can be ordered here. A ‘slice’ of the Radar is shown below, containing three of the 12 genres by which we segment the market.

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The KZero Universe Chart – Q2 2014 Update

June 11, 2014
Universe Graph

Showing cumulative registered accounts, average user ages and launch dates, the KZero Universe chart is used throughout the Virtual World and MMO sector to visualise the market. We’re pleased to announce an updated version of the Universe chart based on brand-new Q2 2014 data. The segment below shows VWs/MMOs with an average user age between

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Who’s Going to Buy a Virtual Reality Headset?

Who’s Going to Buy a Virtual Reality Headset? Obviously this was a key question considered when we started to construct our market sizing analysis of the Consumer Virtual Reality market in late 2013. Our market forecast covers the period 2014 to 2018 and takes into account the initial developer kits made available by headset manufacturers

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The Face Race: Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Competitor Matrix.

Get ready for the Face Race as the number of companies developing and launching Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and even Augmented Virtuality devices starts to ramp-up. Sure, companies like Oculus VR and Sony (for virtual reality) and Google (for augmented reality) are getting most of the headlines but there’s a whole lot of competition heading

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The Evolution of Virtual Worlds, Part Three. User Generated Spaces

We’re already up to part three in our series exploring how virtual reality will drive the future direction of the virtual worlds sector. Part one laid out the foundations of the market and part two explored Social Virtual Reality. Also, here’s a Slideshare presentation. In this article we’re diving in (literally) to User Generated Spaces.

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